Cringle - Send Money For Free

Cringle - Send Money For Free

Cringle - Send Money For Free

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iTech+ @ CeBIT 15 Cringle App New Way to Transfer Money

Even Santa Poops -

Goo Goblins (Send Me Your Money)

Send and request money from friends easier than ever!

*** FREE of charge for everyone ***
*** Works with every german bank account ***
*** Register within 60 seconds! ***
*** Simple, secure and free ***

Just choose a contact, specify the amount and send (or request) the money!

You can send money to everyone! You friends no longer have to install Cringle to receive money!

You and your friends want to split the costs for the lunch, the taxi-drive or a birthday present? Cringle allows you to request money from your friends, without running after them. Switching bank account numbers was yesterday. The Cringle-App makes it easy for you. One of you advances the cash – everyone else just "cringles" back. Simple, secure, free!

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▸ Sending and requesting money is completely free
▸ Cringle is funded by cooperations with banks, inter alia

▸ Monthly transaction limit protects your account from abuse
▸ Payments are processed by Deutsche Kreditbank AG
▸ Sensitive data (like Online Banking PIN) is NEVER being stored
▸ Data transfer is protected through 256 bit SSL-encryption
▸ Your payments are secured by the German deposit protection fund
▸ Your personal data can only be seen by you by logging in with your Cringle-PIN Code

1. Click send or request
2. Choose desired contact or use cell phone number
3. Enter amount
4. Confirm transaction with your individual Cringle-PIN

▸ We support all major banks in Germany
▸ All payments are deposited straight to your regular bank account via SEPA
▸ No virtual wallet
▸ You can send and request money from anyone. Your friends don’t need to have the app

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What's different from PayPal?
It's a completely different ball game. Cringle connects your bank account with your mobile phone number. This way you can send money to any mobile phone number. Cringle transfers the money directly between bank accounts without the need to load or withdrawal any virtual account.

What's different from Number26?
Number26 offers a bank account. Cringle uses your existing bank account to easily transfer money to your friends. There is no need to open a new bank account.

What's different from Lendstar?
Unlike Lendstar, Cringle works without the need to enter your online-banking PIN or a online-banking TAN. Your friend doesn't even have to intstall the app to receive money.

We’re always doing our best to improve Cringle. This update brings some smaller bug fixes and optimisations.